Quick Steps to Get Selling on Etsy Today

Want to setup an online storefront, but think it is too hard.  Today, we will outline the quick steps needed to get selling on Etsy today.  Of all of the online platforms to sell from,  Etsy is one of the simplest to get your storefront open today.   With a little investment in time, pictures of what you wish to sell, and a store name, you can be up and running within an hour. If you are starting and do not have an online following, Etsy is an easy option for online sales.

These are the five quick steps to get selling on Etsy today!

First – they ask you if you are you a full-time seller or a part-time seller.

They state there is no difference in how they treat your shop. Assuming this is just for their records.

Second – choose a shop name.

Choosing a name could be as simple as checking to see if your company name is available and choosing it for your Etsy store.  If your company name is already being used, you may need to play around a bit to find one which works for you.  Choose a name which defines what you sell and who you are.  Your shop name will help drive people to your shop.

Third – start loading items you sell.

Yes, we are already at this point. Add at least one picture of what you are selling. You will want to show it in context, so have a model where a ring, necklace, sweater, or put a print on the wall. Add pictures showing your item from multiple angles.

If you have professional shots of what you sell, this is ideal. If you don’t, take as clean an image of your product as possible. Use a simple white background on all of your pictures and make sure it is well lit. Using natural lighting, so shoot near a window or even open your front door if you can.

Etsy suggests loading multiple items into your store. So, add 10 -20 items if you have them. If you only sell one thing, load your one item. Etsy suggests more than one, so you will come up in search more often, but don’t let not having a large inventory keep you from starting your shop. You can always come back and add items to your store.

Fourth – load your payment information into their system.

Etsy needs to know how to deposit your sales into your account. And of course, you want them to deposit money into your account. This is why you set up your store to earn money.

Fifth – load your billing information.

Etsy needs a way to charge you for your per item fee when you start your shop and when you add items to your shop. This account will also be used to pay marketing or add any additional services you use from Etsy.

Congratulations, your Etsy shop is up and running in just five easy steps!

Etsy will be in charge of collecting the sales revenue and paying any associated sales tax on items sold. You will get charged a fee for each sale you make, and you will also pay the associated credit card fees on each sale.

You can find the list of fees here.

Setting up your Etsy shop was a relatively pain-free way to get your handmade items up for sale online. It isn’t the only way to open a store, but it is fast and easy to do so.

In addition, sellers on Etsy get to enjoy the fact that Etsy has over 60.27 million active shoppers each year. However, you also get to compete with over 3.14 million active yearly sellers.

We quickly previewed getting started on Etsy. There is way more to an Etsy shop then just setting it up. There is SEO (search engine optimization), marketing, naming your items, etc. But what we want to do right now is set up your shop quickly.

There are plusses and minuses with each way of selling online, and we will be covering other online shops in the future. So you can judge for yourself what your ideal mode of selling to your customer is. What Etsy does well, though, is bringing many potential customers to a well-known platform, and a bonus of taking care of US sales tax issues.

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