Training Resources Week of September 6

We are back with training resources for the week of  September 6. This week we have a few which you can watch anytime.  CreativeLive continues to be a resource, because we are such a big fans of theirs.   

Below is the current week of free classes:

Use Anytime Resources

Monthly Art Opportunities: The Best Opportunities with September Deadlines  Art Work Archive has a monthly series for artists with grants and funding opportunities. Check out this months’ offerings and then bookmark their website to return to for ongoing support.

Shoot photos full of personality with iPhone Apple stores, pre-COVID had a series of classes you could take in their stores. Now they have started a short series of courses you can take online. This course is less than 4 minutes and shows creative ways to take your own portrait.  It is a quick class and it will help you create an updated profile picture for social media.

September 8

How to Setup Your Pricing Structure – Available for free on CreativeLive this day and on-demand for a fee after this date. This class will take you about an hour to complete and give information on ensuring you are earning a living from your business by pricing your products/services correctly.

September 10

Craft Photography Fundamentals– Available for free on CreativeLive this day and on-demand for a fee after this date. If you have an Etsy shop, your website, or want to up your Instagram photography, this class will help you create better product photos. And in online sales, your photography is everything.


Which of the above resources for this week will you use? We have already attended all of them and highly recommend them.

Do you have a favorite resource or a go-to place when you need to learn something? We would love to add it to our list and share additional training pieces with the artists and makers.

Here is last weeks training list which also has resources you can use at anytime.


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