We are created this community to make connections between those who love to shop for unique things and the artists who create them. To say the past months have been a difficult time for all would be an understatement. Artists and makers have lost the opportunity to sell at most live events and those of us who shop the events, aren’t sure where to find you!

This is our solution to the problem.  We will grow as fast as people will share this community of connections.  Join, shop, list and lets support our local artists!

We would love your thoughts on how to make your experience here better. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Artists and Makers

If you are an artist with limited access to live events and would like a way for your customers to shop in your online shops. In addition, we have started a virtual shop, which we will promote which you can join for free with your membership. There are two different memberships, one is free one has a low monthly fee of $12. You can read about your different options when you click the link to join.

Shoppers and Patrons

To help you shop, we have created an artist directory, a virtual shop as well as a calendar of events to find a local art or craft fair near you. Click on the events tab to search for one. Our event listing is small right now due to COVID-19., but will grow as we get to the other side of the pandemic. 

Event Organizers

Are you an event organizer? We feel your pain, as well. This season has been difficult. If you have an event either in-person or virtual this year or would like to get your 2021 event posted, you can either submit your own event here or please email us at events@theartfairgallery.com to list your show on our roster. 

We would love to get your feedback on how your business is doing during the pandemic.  We have created a brief survey to collect data we will use to move the artist community forward.  We appreciate your help.


Our events schedule is updated frequently, but the situation with Covid19 is fluid.  Please double check with the event organizer before heading out to the event.