December 2023 Creative Resources

December 2023 Creative Resources to help you with the business of art. Restarting this series as we conclude 2023. A bit of a look forward to opportunities in 2024 and planning for the end of 2023. 

Use Anytime

Guide to the Best Artist Grants & Opportunities in 2024

Artwork Archive has their 2024 list of opportunities for artists. It is a fairly comprehensive list. It is searchable by region as well. Check it out and see if there is something which interests you.

Toolkit: How to Write Your About Page

This post is from Creative Mornings website. The about page on your website may be one of the most important pages. This post will guide you through creating one just for you, along with examples of pages they liked. Take a look and maybe spend a little time this month updating your about me page.

Creative Mornings is an incredible organization just for us creatives. After you read the article, spend some time looking through their website. They are an amazing creative community.

Preparing for Tax Season as an Artist: Useful Tips for December

Post of a few things you should do in December to plan for your taxes. This is the perfect time to make an appointment to discuss things with your accountant.

December 7th

Why Good Accounting Matters at Tax Time – Prepare Now

The US Chamber of Commerce is hosting a free webinar on December 7th on how to get prepared for year-end. December is the perfect time to catchup on your bookkeeping and make an appointment with your tax preparer to finalize your tax planning for the year.

Watch the webinar or plan a meeting with your accountant today.

Which of the December 2023 creative resources are most useful to you? Are you already planning your calendar for 2024?



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