About Us

Why we are creating this

We are creating this space to find your favorite art vendor for very selfish reasons.  We love to shop for unique items found at the local art fairs.  Unfortunately, we aren’t so good at picking up business cards when we shop.

We thought you might be like us and need a way to reconnect.

Our Story

We started this business for two reasons, Monkey Farts and a talented aunt.

First reason started with a walk through a local art fair. I found a booth with a woman who made lotions.  When I noticed one of the lotions was called, Monkey Farts. Being a parent to four children I could only imagine this smelled a little like athletic shoes left out in the rain.((shudders!))  It smells nothing like I thought it would.

I love it and use it daily and it is almost gone. I have either lost her business contact or I never grabbed her information. So, I am frantically searching for this incredible lady!

The second reason is the opposite side of the coin.  I watched my talented aunt have a hard time reconnecting with past customers.  When she is selling at a fair, she is busy and doesn’t grab contact information.  So she can’t inform them where she will be showing her art again.  Definitely a lost opportunity for her and her customers!

This started so both sides can reconnect.  Shoppers can buy something unique and creatives have an opportunity to build a thriving business doing something they love.

Who I am

Just a crazy busy mom to four children.  I am an accountant, currently working full-time as a financial analyst.  I have always loved working with very small businesses.  There is something special about helping a small business thrive.  

In my spare time ;), I love traveling, photography and completing half-marathons!