About Us and Why We Started The Art Fair Gallery

About us and why we started the Art Fair Gallery

Doesn’t everyone want to know how something started? No? Maybe it is just me that likes to learn how something begins. If not, head back to the home page or the artist directory to connect with one of our amazing members of the community!

We started this business for two reasons, Monkey Farts, and my talented aunt.

Monkey Farts:

The first reason started with a walk through a local art fair. I found a booth with a woman who made lotions. One of them was called Monkey Farts. Being a parent to four children, I could only imagine this smelled a little like athletic shoes left out in the rain. ((shudders!)) It smells nothing like I thought it would.

I loved it and used it daily. When it was gone, my husband threw out the container leaving me with no contact information. I figured, how hard can it be to find someone in the Detroit area selling lotions called Monkey Farts?? I knew she had an Etsy shop, so I did a search. Holy smokes! Who knew monkey farts was really a popular scent.

I never found this woman. ?

My talented aunt:

The second reason is the opposite side of the coin. I watched my talented aunt have a hard time reconnecting with past customers. When she is selling at a fair, she is busy and doesn’t grab contact information. So she can’t inform them where she will be showing her art again. 

Definitely a lost opportunity for her and her customers! I wonder if you can relate to this as well?

Volunteering at the information booth

I have since volunteered at fairs, and this isn’t an unusual situation. Customers come to the information booth looking for an artist that was there last year.

    • One asked to find the artist who painted monkeys in wagons for children. 
    • Another looking for a pottery company that created tiles. The name of the company was on the tile; the fair magazine only listed artists. We ended up doing a google search. 
    • Another looking for a ceramic jewelry maker with no idea of the name but knew where her booth was last year, but she isn’t in the same space. Was she still at the show this year?

 It goes on and on.

The Art Fair Gallery was started to make these connections. Or reconnections. 

Shoppers can buy something unique, and creatives have an opportunity to build a thriving business doing something they love.

So, The Art Fair Gallery was born. It is still in the infancy, heading towards toddlers. Growing slowly.  A year ago there were only a handful of US events. Slowly artists are joining. It will become what we envision as a digital business card as more artists join.

Of course, as more artists and makers join, what we will grow into may change. This is, after all, a community.

About us – or really just me! The crazy person behind the idea

My name is Catherine Hughes.  Someone who may like shopping just a little too much.  I am also a crazy busy mom to four children. Somehow, my babies have grown into adults, and I have a little more time on my hands. Not sure where the years went, but that is another story.

I have an accounting degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. I have worked most of my life in some form of accounting; public accounting, non-profits, and for-profit companies. I have always loved working with small businesses—the ones with just one or a few employees. There is something special about helping a small business thrive.  

In my spare time ?, I love traveling, photography, and completing half-marathons! 

Maybe someday I will have enough time and skill to become a photographer and be like you selling at events. It would be the dream. But most likely, you will find me shopping at the fair. ?

Catherine Hughes
Catherine Hughes ? Kate Heitkamp