When All Events Canceled

Photo of an Art Fair

Sometimes when you are over-scheduled, having an event canceled feels good. Maybe you were trying to do one more thing in an already packed schedule. However, when you look at your calendar and all your events have canceled, it is scary. As an artist and maker who sells through live shows, it is overwhelming now.

I will be the first to admit I thought events would be canceled through early summer. I never thought events would be canceled throughout the summer, and some are even postponing into November. Continue reading “When All Events Canceled”

Applying to the Best Art Fairs For Your Unique Art Style

Applying Art Fairs

You did your search and found a few art or craft shows where you would like to sell. Now, which fair is best for to to apply to based on your unique style and needs?

Do a little work and think about what you sell. Who do you think buys what you sell? Do you sell soap, photographs, hand-knit baby blankets, paintings? What is your price point?  Where would your potential customers be shopping?

Now go back to your list of potential shows you found from your previous search.  

Click into the event or go into the application and look at the information the event organizer is telling you. Is this a small-town show with a few vendors? Is the small town wealthy? Quirky? Full of tourists? Continue reading “Applying to the Best Art Fairs For Your Unique Art Style”

Your Art Fair was Canceled due to the Coronavirus – Now What?

Canceled Art Show

You are an artist, a maker, a freelancer. You sell art in public venues, at church functions, art fairs, farmer’s markets, in galleries. And now, due to the coronavirus, the public is told to avoid these types of venues. The art fair patrons are not sure what to do, do we stay home or continue with life.

What do you do as an artist, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic? Do you have a plan b to earn money if your event cancels? Continue reading “Your Art Fair was Canceled due to the Coronavirus – Now What?”

Online Art Presence – Setting Yourself Up for Success

Computer Online Presence

In a world where everything seems to be increasingly done through an online presence instead of brick and mortar sales, the art world has a foot firmly in both worlds. Artists and makers sell through fairs, shows, exhibits, markets, and galleries as well as Etsy, Amazon Handmade, eBay, and your online stores. Choosing one over the other can be confusing.  

This article makes the assumption you are already selling in person. Either through fairs, galleries or pop-ups. You may have a thriving business or maybe you have just started. Either way, you may be thinking, why do I want to add one more thing to my already busy life. Especially if you do not want to deal with selling online, shipping items, returned items and paying state sales tax! Continue reading “Online Art Presence – Setting Yourself Up for Success”

How to Find Art & Craft Fairs to Sell at

Art Fair

Selling at Art Fairs!

This is your year! You’ve decided to start selling the amazing work you have been creating. Congratulations! Now, the decision you need to make is where will you sell it.

On any given weekend across the country, there could be hundreds of art and craft fairs. How do you know which one will work best for you? And when do you need to apply? Continue reading “How to Find Art & Craft Fairs to Sell at”

Four Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

You have heard you should have an email list.  But it seems like just one more thing to do.  Here are four simple ways to grow your email list, which won’t take a lot of your time or energy.  Having this list will give you the ability to reach out to your customers before your next event.

The first is through your merchant provider.  Square is used by many artisans.  Did you know they have a service where you can update your customer data base directly from the payment information?  I found this information from the bottom of their website.  The best thing about this, it is free when you use Square.  If you don’t use Square, see if you merchant provider provides the same service. And if they do have it, use the service. 

Make sure when you collect your customers information this way, you get the correct confirmation from them allowing you to add them to your email list, before adding them to an email newsletter. Continue reading “Four Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List”

Art Fair Photo Policies

Old Camera

Art Fair Photo Policies –

As an artist, what are your thoughts on people taking photos of your work?  Are you all for someone taking photos of your work?  Or are you firmly against having anyone take photos of your work.  Do you post signs in your booth not to take photos?  Do you ask potential customers to not take pictures?  If you do, what are your reasons for your no photo policy?

There is certainly an understanding that you want to protect your creative property.  That you don’t want someone to take a photo of your photography to keep them from purchasing the original photo from you.  You may even be concerned the person taking the photograph will copy your work and create if for themselves.

Continue reading “Art Fair Photo Policies”

The Creative’s Monday

Girl reaching for coffee cup

The Creative’s Monday –

When you are a creative selling on the weekend, your Monday is different from other people’s.  You didn’t have the weekend off. 

Monday morning may see you heading back to your full-time job after working all weekend!  Maybe Monday is a travel day for you.  Heading home or driving to your next show.  Maybe Monday is the day you get back into your studio to create again. 

Or is your Monday more like other people’s Saturday and you are running around doing errands, catching up on your laundry and checking things off your personal to-do list.

Continue reading “The Creative’s Monday”



Training or learning something new is probably not something you either have the time or money to do.  I completely understand.  As a woman bootstrapping a business, while working full-time, while raising children, while paying for kids in college, I completely understand the sentiment.

What I also understand, is that you need to invest in yourself and your ability to run a successful business.

I attended a conference and one of the speakers stated we needed to invest 10% of our business revenue on training (or maybe it was income).  Whichever one of these applies, use it.

Think about it, 10% of our income should be reinvested into ourselves!  Continue reading “Training”