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Another week, a few more chances to learn something new to up your creative business. This week includes ways to help your creative business, which are available to you anytime. You can bookmark this post or the pages to come back to when you have time. 

This week’s chances to learn include a podcast, a couple of blog posts, and I am repeating my recommendation to attend Adobe Max!  

Here are this week’s opportunities to learn:

Use Anytime

Three quick trips to brand protection  – is the latest podcast by Rachel Brenke. Rachel Brenke is an attorney specializing in intellectual property. She has a series of podcast episodes that will help you with your creative business. Rachel isn’t giving legal advice but does offer best practices. I heard her speak at a conference, and she is funny, smart, and engaging.  Continue reading “Learn Something New”

Five Creative Resources

Book Find Your Artistic Voice

We are back with five creative resources for this week and beyond. A few of this week’s learning resources you can use at any time. Some are time-bound, meaning do it soon. There are two great opportunities for virtual conferences. Adobe Max usually costs in the thousands to attend and is free this year!  

Below are your five new creative resources for this week: 

Use Anytime

October Monthly Art Opportunities brought to you by Artwork Archive. Artwork Archive rounds up grants, competitions, and other art opportunities each month. Their October listing is filled with opportunities for you to apply for. Some of these are location-specific, some are medium-specific. Take a look to see if something interests you this month. Continue reading “Five Creative Resources”

Resources for Fall

Fall Resources

We are back with new resources for the beginning of fall.  Nothing like starting a new season with new tools.  Some of these resources are evergreen, meaning you can use them at anytime. Others are time-bound.  I have shorted up the list this week, since I gave you a book and a perfect CreativeLive class.

Below is the current week of resources:

Use Anytime

Your Creative Career by Anna Sabino –I wrote a review of this book a while ago, but I thought it was worth revisiting.  If you are just getting started in your art career or have been working in it for sometime, this book equally give you inspiration and tips for moving your career forward. I highly recommend reading the book. Continue reading “Resources for Fall”

Five New Business Resources

Learning Resources

We are back with five new business resources for the week of September 20. We are making these posts items you can use anytime, with the free portions denoted on the date. This week we have included two short blog posts to read because sometimes that is all the time you have to learn. 

Below is the current week of resources:

Use Anytime

Seven Ways to Boost Your Confidence as an Artist 

An article posted on Artwork Archive. Seven things to think about and work on as an artist to help you gain confidence in yourself as an artist. Some suggestions are as simple as getting up and moving to give yourself a break from a piece of work which you can’t get quite right. It is a quick read and worth the few minutes of your time.

Staying Connected to Meaning in Your Work – Leo Babauta writes on Zen Habits the importance of working with your why and staying connected to it during your day. The past six months have taken its toll on us, and it is essential to take time each day to reconnect with why you are doing what you do. Continue reading “Five New Business Resources”

Getting started with Amazon Handmade

Online Amazon Handmade

Getting started with Amazon Handmade

There are many different online platforms to sell your handmade items. Today, we will discuss getting started with Amazon Handmade. Amazon is one of the largest online stores. And they have created a specific online shop just for handmade items. Amazon Handmade isn’t like Etsy or other online stores; you will need to apply and be accepted before you are allowed to open up your shop.

So, what is involved in the application, and who can apply?   Continue reading “Getting started with Amazon Handmade”

Quick Steps to Get Selling on Etsy Today

Selling Online

Want to setup an online storefront, but think it is too hard.  Today, we will outline the quick steps needed to get selling on Etsy today.  Of all of the online platforms to sell from,  Etsy is one of the simplest to get your storefront open today.   With a little investment in time, pictures of what you wish to sell, and a store name, you can be up and running within an hour. If you are starting and do not have an online following, Etsy is an easy option for online sales.

These are the five quick steps to get selling on Etsy today!

Continue reading “Quick Steps to Get Selling on Etsy Today”

Week of August 30 Trainings

Time to Apply to Art Fairs

We are back with the week of August 30 Trainings for creatives.  This week we have a few which you can watch whenever you have the time.  Again, I am listing courses from CreativeLive.  I believe it is a great resource for you.

Below is the current week of free classes:

Watch Anytime

Capture striking photography with iPhone  Apple stores, pre-COVID had a series of classes you could take in their stores. Now they have started a short series of courses you can take online. This course is less than 3 minutes and shows ways to take, edit, and share photos using your iPhone. It is worth watching. Continue reading “Week of August 30 Trainings”