Ways to Leave a Lasting Impression on Social

As artists, our primary focus is on creating art. When we do use social media, it’s mostly to connect with our family and friends. However, now is the time to leverage social media for your business and showcase your brilliance! Here are some ways to leave a lasting impression on social media:

Embrace authenticity:

Share your genuine self, passions, and interests. People appreciate real connections. Remember, you don’t have to divulge your entire personal life. Only share what feels natural and comfortable for you.

Offer valuable content:

Provide helpful tips, insightful thoughts, or inspiring stories that resonate with your audience. For instance, you can share posts on caring for art, displaying art, creating an art gallery, etc., using your own art as a model.

Engage with your community:

Show your followers that you genuinely care about their content by liking, commenting, and replying to their posts.

Showcase your creativity:

Share visually appealing and captivating content that highlights your art in the best possible light. Display your pottery as functional vases or mugs, or exhibit your photography on walls to show how your art can fit seamlessly into their lives.

Stay consistent:

Maintain a regular posting schedule to stay top of mind with your audience. Consistency is the key to building a loyal following, but it doesn’t necessarily mean posting daily. You can do quick shout-outs from weekend shows or share posts of your latest artwork.

Wrapping up, we gave five quick ways to leave a lasting impression on social. Remember that you have something unique to offer the world. Your followers would love to hear from you. So, go ahead and let your light shine on social media today!

What would you add to our list? Share in the comments.



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2 Replies to “Ways to Leave a Lasting Impression on Social”

  1. I agree that you need to be consistent in posting and commenting. This is what I struggle with. Cutting out time to achieve this.

    1. Lisa – It is definitely one of my big struggles. I am working on defining what I mean for consistency and then creating time for content, posting and commenting. It definitely helps when I schedule it into my calendar.

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