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Thank you for your interest in the Art Fair Gallery community.

This artist community is a space where you can ask your fellow artists questions and read articles on the business side of being an artist. Most importantly, a place your customers can connect with you.

Joining now will allow your customers to find you either at your online store or your next show. When you fill in your fair schedule, customers will even be able to search you by where you are selling this year! Or better yet, where you were last year.

Because believe it or not, your customers are trying to find you based on where you sold in 2018, 2019, and 2020! I know, I have been in the volunteer booth when they come up looking for you! Hopefully, this is the solution to them finding you. A digital business card, if you will.

Choose the membership which works best for you. You can always change it.

We use Stripe as our payment processor, and as such, we do not store any of your credit card information on our site.

We appreciate you joining. Please know we are continually working to make this site better. You are joining early, and we are still setting up the community, so we are open to your suggestions as to what will work best for you.

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Welcome to the community!

Free!  Great option if you do not have a website or do not wish to send people to an online store.
4 Free Months
Offer Valid Through October 31, 2020! Four free months of support to provide your customers access to both your future events and your online shops.  Send customers to your stores right up to the holidays! After the free months, you will be billed the regular $10 monthly recurring fee.  You may change at anytime back to the free service with access to your events, but no access to your shops.
Early Adopter Monthly
We appreciate your trust in us.  When you register for this plan, you will never pay more than $10 per month.  Even when the price increases in November. This plan will allow you to include your online website, Etsy store or anywhere else you would like for people to find you on the web.  You can cancel at anytime and use the free version.
Early Adopter Annual
We appreciate your trust in us.  When you register for this plan, you will never pay more than $100 per year.  Even if the price increases in the future. This offer is limited and a thank you for your trust in us as we grow!  

Not ready to sign up?  Do you have questions?  Shoot us an email at  Or you can simply return to the HomePage.