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Thank you for your interest in the Art Fair Gallery community –

My goal is to make this community, this platform a space artists/art fair patrons and art fairs connect. To make this the go-to place for art fair patrons. The only site they will visit to find a local event. The place to search for the artist who created contemporary sterling silver rings from the local fair they went to two years ago. 

If you are asking yourself, “why should I join?” I am already on Facebook, Instagram and the fairs usually have a website. Why add one more marketing task to my to-do list? I don’t even like marketing!! I completely understand. 

Here are some of the reasons I would love for you to become a part of this community:

    • Instagram is a great tool for creatives. The visual and video capabilities showcase art well. You can post still photos of completed work as well as videos showing your creative process. I would keep posting to IG. The downside to IG – only about 10% of your followers will see any of your content. Still, this may be all you need to drive sales to your website or events. Keep using IG.
    • Facebook is Facebook. It works well for keeping up with family and friends. Just know your art posts compete with everyone else’s posts, a restaurant opening, political stuff, videos, memes. It is Facebook. And as a business, the best way to reach people on Facebook is with paid ads.
    • We exist only to support artists, makers, and the events which support them. We are not promoting any other events or people. Art fair patrons visit our site specifically to find information about an art event. We want them to know they can find you as well.
    • This artist community is a space where you can ask your fellow artists questions and read articles on the business side of being an artist. Most importantly, a place your customers can connect with you.
    • Joining now will allow your customers to find you either at your online store or your next show.
    • Your customer profile will include a bit about you, your art, and where you are selling. Your customers will be able to search for artists who sold at a specific fair.  
    • Because believe it or not, your customers are trying to find you based on where you sold in 2018, 2019, and 2020! I know they are searching. I have been in the volunteer booth when they come up looking for you! They may not remember your name, but they remember your art and the exact location of your booth!

I built this platform to correct this disconnect—a way to be searched and found. A digital business card, if you will.

Choose the membership below, which works best for you. 

You can always change it. If you have questions or concerns before joining, please email us at

We appreciate you joining. We can’t wait to help make these connections for you! 

You will receive a welcome email after you register and another one the following day, giving you tips on setting up your account. Please send us an email if you don’t receive one, so we may assist you!

Welcome to the community of artists and makers!

Community Membership Types

  • Great option if you do not have a website or do not wish to send people to an online store.
  • You can always change plans to a paid plan to allow your customers to find your online shop.
  • We appreciate your trust in us.  When you register for this plan, you will never pay more than $5 per month.
    • Send customers directly to stores!
    • Free access to any “shop the community” events
    • Send customers to your events.
    • You may change at anytime back to the free service with access to your events, but no access to your shops.
    • You can cancel at any time and use the free version.
Annual Membership
  • We appreciate your trust in us.  When you register for this plan, you will never pay more than $50 per year.
  • Send customers to your stores or to your events!
  • Perfect if you prefer to not have monthly payments
  • We’ll send you a reminder email, 30 days before your next annual billing!
  • You may change at anytime back to the free service with access to your events, but no access to your shops, but we won’t refund the membership price.
  • This offer is limited and a thank you for your trust in us as we grow!

Not ready to sign up?  Do you have questions?  Shoot us an email at  Or you can simply return to the HomePage.