Five Resources for the Week

We are back with five resources for the week of September 13. We are working on making these posts items you can use anytime, with the free portions denoted on the date. Some of these may be webinars or conferences which are specific to a particular time.  

Below is the current week of free classes:

Use Anytime

Monthly Art Opportunities: The Best Opportunities with September Deadlines  Ok, this is a repeat from last week, but it is an essential resource, so use it! Art Work Archive has a monthly series for artists with grants and funding opportunities. Check out this months’ offerings and then bookmark their website to return to for ongoing support.

Social Media and Web Graphics Made Easy- Available for free on CreativeLive this day and on-demand for a fee after this date. This 3.5-hour course goes through creating graphics for use with your social media.  

The War of Art – by Steven Pressfield, I put off reading this book for too long, which is ironic once you read it. Read this book! It will reinvigorate you and your creative spirit.

September 16

Selling Your Creative Ideas– Available for free on CreativeLive this day and on-demand for a fee after this date. You have an idea for a community art project, now how do you get people to buy into it? This class will walk you through the process.

September 25 -October 1

Fine Art Summit – This multi-day virtual conference starts on Saturday, September 25, and runs for seven days. I know this isn’t this week, but this is a time commitment you should be aware of ahead of time. The daily content is available for 24 hours, and then you do not have access to those days information again. I believe there may be a way to purchase it if you would like to access this with your time frame.

“This event will bring together world-class professional fine artists and artist career experts to teach you how to avoid pitfalls and make the best use of your time and energy. Available for FREE in the last week of September.”

 Which of the five new resources for the week will you use? Will we see you at the summit? We already have it on our calendar!! 

Do you have a favorite resource or a go-to place when you need to learn something? We would love to add it to our list and share additional training pieces with the artists and makers.

Want to review last week’s resources? Here is the link to see what we recommended you do last week.

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