July Creative Resources

July creative resources to kickstart this month’s creativity. A few posts and classes I found across the internet to keep your creativity moving through the summer.

Use Anytime

The Best Opportunities for Artists in July 2021

Artwork Archive has a great monthly roundup of opportunities for artists. This list includes grants, residencies, events and much more. Bookmark their page to come back each month to find out what’s new.

Toolkit: How to Write Your About Page

This post is from Creative Mornings website. The about page on your website may be one of the most important pages. This post will guide you through creating one just for you, along with examples of pages they liked. Take a look and maybe spend a little time this month updating your about me page.

Creative Mornings is an incredible organization just for us creatives. After you read the article, spend some time looking through their website. They are an amazing creative community.

July 12

Start a Handmade Business

Kari Chapin gets into details on everything you need to know to start a handmade business. Even if you already have your business started, you will learn something new on this video series on CreativeLive. This course runs just under for 15.5 hours long and a half and is free on July 12 and is available for a fee after this date.  


July 20

Lightroom Classic: Essential Training

Mark Wallace teaches this class on CreativeLive. If you are interested in using this software, this is a great chance to learn about it for free on this date.

Here is the class description:

This class is a step-by-step walkthrough of Lightroom Classic, perfect for the beginner as well as those who have worked with Lightroom Classic previously. This class is everything you ever wanted to know about Lightroom Classic but were afraid to ask.

This class will give you an overview of Lightroom Classic and show you how to maximize its potential by creating a workflow for importing, keywording, adjusting, and exporting your images.

Want more creative resources, here is a look back to the last resource page and come back next month for the August resource page.

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