August Creative Resources

Creative resources for August 2021. This list includes a few free-to-watch classes on CreativeLive, a resource list from Artwork Archive, and an uplifting blog from Creative Mornings.

Below is our Roundup of August Creative Resources
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The Best Opportunities for Artists in August 2021

Artwork Archive has a great monthly roundup of opportunities for artists. This list includes grants, residencies, events, and much more. Bookmark their page to come back each month to find out new resources.

HEY CreativeMornings!: 39 Things We Wish We’d Realized Sooner

Need a little inspiration? This post is from the CreativeMornings website may encourage you to move forward with your art. What would you tell your younger self?  

Creative Mornings is an incredible organization just for us creatives. After you read the article, take some time looking through their website. They have an amazing creative community.

August 25

Blogging to Sell Your Products

Do you have a blog? Or maybe you use Instagram to help you draw awareness to your art. Either way, you are using photos, captions, and writing to sell. This CreativeLive course is taught by Megan Auman and will walk you through the best ways to write and sell. The class takes just over 3 hours and is free on this day and available for a fee after this day. 

August 29

Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

If you are new to Etsy or looking to revamp your Etsy store, this course will lead you through what you need to know to grow your sales. It is over an 11-hour class and gets into the details to optimize your store. The course is a few years old, and Etsy is updated its business model and what you need to do. However, this course will help you use Etsy as one tool to create a better business. This course is free on this date and available for a fee after this date.

Above is the list of the August creative resources. If you would like to be the first to see what we round up for September, feel free to follow the blog through WordPress Reader or subscribe to our newsletter.

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