Four Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

You have heard you should have an email list.  But it seems like just one more thing to do.  Here are four simple ways to grow your email list, which won’t take a lot of your time or energy.  Having this list will give you the ability to reach out to your customers before your next event.

The first is through your merchant provider. 

Square is used by many artisans.  Did you know they have a service where you can update your customer data base directly from the payment information?  I found this information from the bottom of their website.  The best thing about this, it is free when you use Square.  If you don’t use Square, see if you merchant provider provides the same service. And if they do have it, use the service. 

Make sure when you collect your customers information this way, you get the correct confirmation from them allowing you to add them to your email list, before adding them to an email newsletter.

The second option is to ask them for their email while you are taking their money or running their credit card. 

Again, tell them you will only send out emails to let them know where you will be next or when you have a sale.  Or better yet, maybe have an iPad out where they can directly subscribe to your email list while ringing up their sale!

The third one is as easy as putting your Instagram handle out and asking to be followed somewhere in our booth. 

(You do have an Instagram account, don’t you? If not, you should. But we will leave that discussion for another day.) If you have one and you get new people to follow you, simply send them a message through DM system thanking them for following.  Then send them the link to your website or email list.  Let them know this is the place to be to find out when you book new shows, restock your Etsy store or have a sale.

This option is pretty hands free during a show, but does require some of your time after the show. 

The fourth way is to have a notepad down to collect email addresses. 

Either put this out in the front of your display or next to where you would write up their sale.  A very simple, low cost way to get your customer’s information.   

Whatever option you use, make sure to send them a welcome email when they join your community.  You can do this through an automated system like Mail Chimp or have a ready made email you can cut and paste and send it out manually.

So above are four simple ways to grow customers to your email list. 

What ways do you currently use?  Is there another way you have used successfully to add people to your list?  Feel free to add in the comments and help your fellow artists!

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