Four Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

4 simple ways to grow your email list

You have heard you should have an email list.  But it seems like just one more thing to do.  Here are four simple ways to grow your email list, which won’t take a lot of your time or energy.  Having this list will give you the ability to reach out to your customers before your next event.

The first is through your merchant provider. 

Square is used by many artisans.  Did you know they have a service where you can update your customer data base directly from the payment information?  I found this information from the bottom of their website.  The best thing about this, it is free when you use Square.  If you don’t use Square, see if you merchant provider provides the same service. And if they do have it, use the service. 

Make sure when you collect your customers information this way, you get the correct confirmation from them allowing you to add them to your email list, before adding them to an email newsletter. Continue reading “Four Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List”