Five Creative Resources

We are back with five creative resources for this week and beyond. A few of this week’s learning resources you can use at any time. Some are time-bound, meaning do it soon. There are two great opportunities for virtual conferences. Adobe Max usually costs in the thousands to attend and is free this year!  

Below are your five new creative resources for this week: 

Use Anytime

October Monthly Art Opportunities brought to you by Artwork Archive. Artwork Archive rounds up grants, competitions, and other art opportunities each month. Their October listing is filled with opportunities for you to apply for. Some of these are location-specific, some are medium-specific. Take a look to see if something interests you this month.

Ecommerce Packaging: How Top Brands Delight Customers With Memorable Unboxing Experiences – A blog article from Shopify.  You may be aware of Shopify as a platform you can sell through; as such, they want you to be successful with your shop. This week they have a detailed article on the packaging and shipping of your products.

Since so much of the art business has gone online, it is important to think about how your customer receives your art.  Of course getting things out timely and your customer receiving your product safely is important, but this article also goes into the packaging for the “wow” factor. The way you package your art is one last chance to make a great impression on your customer.

You do not have to be a customer of Shopify to read their blogs or get on their weekly list to receive their current content.

Find Your Artistic Voice by Lisa Congdon. I read this book out on my dock over the chilly summer mornings. As a working artist, you will find her relatable, and her book is filled with her beautiful illustrations. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it. As of the writing of this, the Kindle price is just $2.99. 

October 15

Pinterest Creator Festival is a one-day event with a long-line up of speakers. Social Media Today has the full scoop on the four-hour conference. 

October 20 – 22

Sign up for Adobe Max – This event has gone virtual this year and is free! Sign up and create your schedule today. There are tracks on photography, videography, marketing, and much more. I attended the paid live event last year, and it was worth every penny. This is your chance to participate from the comfort of your home. Hang out in your sweats and save the conference fee, travel, and all the other expenses which happen when you attend a conference. Maybe a bonus for you, no conference networking! Block time in your calendar and attend!

 Which of these five creative resources will you use? 

Did none of these resources work for you?  Or you would like even more resources?  Would you like to review last week’s list? Here is the link to see what we recommended you do last week.


If you are an artist or maker who sells through in-person events, we would appreciate you taking a brief survey. We want to be responsive to your needs and are wondering how best to help you.


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