Resources for Fall

We are back with new resources for the beginning of fall.  Nothing like starting a new season with new tools.  Some of these resources are evergreen, meaning you can use them at anytime. Others are time-bound.  I have shorted up the list this week, since I gave you a book and a perfect CreativeLive class.

Below is the current week of resources:

Use Anytime

Your Creative Career by Anna Sabino –I wrote a review of this book a while ago, but I thought it was worth revisiting.  If you are just getting started in your art career or have been working in it for sometime, this book equally give you inspiration and tips for moving your career forward. I highly recommend reading the book.

September 27

Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales, and Grow Your Business

If you are new to selling at craft fairs or are thinking of starting to sell at them, this is perfect for you.  It is a step-by-step process of selling at shows.  It will take you through applying. Getting ready for the show. What to do while at the show.  Then last part is all about evaluating how the fair went.

October 2

Shooting for Mobile Photography with Pei Ketron –  Since it is the camera we always have available on us, it is important to learn the tricks to take the best pictures possible.  As a bonus, the class will take you less than two hours to watch. This class is available on Creative Live today for free and then for a fee if you need to watch it at a different time.

 Which of the new resources will you use this fall? We are watching last week’s conference and have picked up some great tips.  I am sure this weeks will be useful to you as well.

Did you miss last week and want to review it?  Here is the link to see what we recommended you do last week.


If you are an artist or maker who sells through in-person events, we would appreciate you taking a brief survey. We want to be responsive to your needs and are wondering how best to help you.


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