Evaluating the Fees to Applying and Attending Art Fairs

There are numerous fees to consider when evaluating the costs of applying to and attending an art fair. In a previous post discussing finding the best craft fairs, we mentioned fees as a factor.

To provide a comprehensive understanding, here is an itemized list of expenses commonly associated with art fairs:

    • Application Fee: Most art fairs require artists to pay an application fee when they apply. The cost can vary significantly depending on the prestige and size of the event. 
    • Juried Fee: In addition to the application fee juried art fairs may have an additional fee for participating artists. Juried fairs typically have a selection process where a panel of judges or jurors reviews artist applications and selects a limited number of participants based on the quality and merit of their artwork.
    • Booth or Exhibition Space Fee: If your application is accepted, you pay in advance for a booth or exhibition space at the art fair to reserve your space. The cost will depend on the size of the space allocated to you and the location of the fair. Prime locations, double booth space, or corner units tend to cost more. 
    • Display and Materials: If this is the first show, investing in your booth can be expensive and includes the following items: a tent, walls, partitions, pedestals, lighting, signage, and other materials. The cost will depend on your artistic medium, the complexity of your display, and your personal preferences.
    • Artwork Preparation: You may need to spend money on framing, matting, packaging, or shipping your artwork to the fair. These costs will vary depending on the size and number of pieces you plan to exhibit.
    • Travel Expenses: If the art fair is in a different city or state than yours, you’ll need to consider travel expenses such as gas, accommodation, meals, and transportation. These costs can vary significantly based on the show location.  
    • Marketing and Promotion: To maximize your presence at the art fair, you may want to invest in marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, catalogs, or advertisements. Additionally, you might consider online advertising or social media campaigns to raise awareness about your participation.
    • Insurance: Depending on the value of your artwork, you may want to obtain insurance coverage to protect against theft, damage, or liability during the fair. Insurance costs will depend on the value and nature of your artwork.
    • Miscellaneous Expenses: Other potential costs include Wi-Fi access, electricity fees, sales commissions (if applicable), and any additional services or amenities provided by the art fair organizers.

It’s essential to research each specific art fair you are considering, review their prospectus or guidelines, and factor in these costs when evaluating the overall feasibility and potential return on investment. Additionally, consider your budget, the potential for sales or exposure, and the reputation and audience of the art fair before making a decision.

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  1. Good morning,
    We are wondering if you have any spots left for vendors at your holiday art show and if so, how can we go about applying to be a vendor?

    Thank you,
    Shannon and Nikki

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