When All Events Canceled

Sometimes when you are over-scheduled, having an event canceled feels good. Maybe you were trying to do one more thing in an already packed schedule. However, when you look at your calendar and all your events have canceled, it is scary. As an artist and maker who sells through live shows, it is overwhelming now.

I will be the first to admit I thought events would be canceled through early summer. I never thought events would be canceled throughout the summer, and some are even postponing into November.

It is hard to plan and to make a living as an art fair vendor right now with so much uncertainty.

If you already had a website, Etsy shop, Shopify shop, or another type of online store, you may not be feeling the pain as much. Were you able to recoup your regular revenue from art fairs to online income? If you are working on setting one up, how is that going?

What happens if you never wanted to get into an online business. Maybe you never wanted the hassle of shipping your work. Some of you create heavy or massive art, which is not financially feasible to ship. Are you finding ways to mail orders to customers anyways?

So now you are wondering, what are you going to do?

Even if you only participated in a few shows a year, you counted on the money to help you pay bills, go on vacation, and save for your kids’ college. If this is what you do for a living full-time, this has been more devastating to you.

I pray you are finding a way through this.

The way back to “normal” seems uncertain, and there appears to be no one able to tell us how or when this may happen.

So, what do you do today to keep yourself afloat?

Through August 8th, there are still PPP loans available to help you to pay yourself. Today, contact your local bank/accountant to see what you need to do if you haven’t done so already. You will need to show how your “pay” has decreased based on the prior year’s tax returns. It won’t cost you anything, and it may provide you the cushion you need to keep your creative business alive.

Beyond that, are you doing virtual shows? If so, how did they go for you? I have “watched” a few shows and made a couple of purchases from makers for items I needed. Ok, wanted, but kind of the same thing. Did being a vendor at the show bring in enough money for it to make a difference to you?

Are virtual shows driving customers to your website, and are they purchasing?

Other than stopping the virus so life can go back to normal, what do you need? Is there a way I can help you? If so, please feel free to send me an email (info@theartfairgallery.com), and I will get back with you.

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