Free Training Available For Creatives

Your business is important to you and you know how important it is keep up with your professional training as well as creating goals for your business.  You want to make this your best year ever. 

You may be like most people right now and not have a whole lot of money left after the holidays for training.  A great resource for free and/or inexpensive training for your creative business is Creative Live.

Creative Live’s mission “We champion creators to live their dreams,” is something which resonates.  They simply provide classes and articles which support creators lives and creators businesses. 

And they also have an interesting strategy for pricing their programs.  When the classes originally come out, they are free while they are live.  Yes, you read that correctly, free.  If you can’t watch the class while it is live or love the content so much you want to own it, you can purchase the class to watch it on demand.

Creative Live streams classes live 24 hours a day.  So, if you look at what is streaming now, check here, you can find content ranging from photography, business, videography, Lightroom classes, etc.

Here is a list of some of the creative classes available for free over the next few days of January 2019:

Saturday, January 5: How to Make a Living Selling What You Make class by Megan Auman.

Sunday, January 6:  Sell Your Products to Retailers by Megan Auman

Monday, January 7: Art of Selling What You Make by Tara Gentile

Monday, January 7: Goal Setting Your Best Year Yet by Dorie Clark

Tuesday, January 8: How to Build a Business While Learning Your Craft by Megan Auman

Wednesday, January 9: Pricing Your Craft by Tara Gentile

As you can see, there is something each day to help you with your business.  Each of the classes start at noon EST, but they will stream live over the 24 hours after this time, so you can catch up with them at any time.  

Looking for other types of enrichment classes, you can find them streaming live as well.  This was just a few of the classes I thought might be useful to you this week.

I have taken and purchased quite a few of the classes from Creative Live.  I have learned a lot from the instructors.  In addition, I also listen to the podcast from the founder of Creative Live, Chase Jarvis regularly.  On his podcast he interviews creatives and creative entrepreneurs and gets great tips on how to thrive as a creative entrepreneur..  It is another great, free resource for you.

If you have reached this post after January 9, the classes above they are available for purchase.  I would recommend watching the trailer and read the reviews of the classes to see if they are a good fit for you.  Also, there is always something different streaming live which may interest you as well.

I don’t receive an affiliate fee for promoting Creative Live. I am just a big supporter of what they do and use them often.  My hope is you will find them as helpful to you in your career as I have.

What resources have you used for inexpensive training?

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