Training or learning something new is probably not something you either have the time or money to do.  I completely understand.  As a woman bootstrapping a business, while working full-time, while raising children, while paying for kids in college, I completely understand the sentiment.

What I also understand, is that you need to invest in yourself and your ability to run a successful business.

I attended a conference and one of the speakers stated we needed to invest 10% of our business revenue on training (or maybe it was income).  Whichever one of these applies, use it.

Think about it, 10% of our income should be reinvested into ourselves!  Continue reading “Training”

Free Training Available For Creatives

free training

Your business is important to you and you know how important it is keep up with your professional training as well as creating goals for your business.  You want to make this your best year ever. 

You may be like most people right now and not have a whole lot of money left after the holidays for training.  A great resource for free and/or inexpensive training for your creative business is Creative Live. Continue reading “Free Training Available For Creatives”

Do these five things today for your business

Do these five things to get your business set up.

  • Decide what type of business you are going to be.  If you are a solo creative entrepreneur, you can choose between being a sole proprietor and filing your taxes on your personal tax return with a Schedule C.  If you have one or more partners, you can’t be a solo proprietor, but you can choose to be a partnership and file partnership returns.  The last option for either individuals or partnerships are to file paperwork with your state to become a LLC or corporation.  A quick google search will get you to the correct website for your state.  

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