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If you are in a creative business or thinking about starting one, here are two books I can’t recommend enough, The Business Boutique and Your Creative Career.

These two books are specifically aimed at starting your business, although, I think there is information in them which you would find helpful if you have been in a business a short time as well.

Business Boutique by Christy Wright

Business Boutique is written specifically for women starting or who have started a business.  She gets into the stuff which women deal with, that most men don’t.  She does this with humor and honesty.  The reader is brought into her life as she also has dealt with the fun of working and being a woman.

The book can be used as a guide as you work on your business. 

Christy takes you chapter by chapter through the four tiers of building a business:

1.  The Foundation

2.  Making it Yours

3.  Getting it Up and Running

4.  Putting yourself Out There

The author takes your from your why, to the how of setting up your company and into making everything work in your life.

She does this step by step, with real life examples and humor.  The author will give you the pep talk you need to keep going, while keeping it real that it isn’t always easy or fun.

I slowly read through it and worked through the steps.  I have reread portions when I needed to do so.

I have reached for it again and again when I needed a push to keep going.

Your Creative Career by Anna Sabino

I have never loved the opening remarks more in a book, “In case no one has told you, you’ve got this”.  (This has been my mantra as I started building my own business.)

Where the Business Boutique is aimed at women starting a business, Your Creative Career is aimed at creatives starting a business.

It pushes you, guides you and coaches you through the process of going from creative to creative entrepreneur.  The author doesn’t sugar coat this and let you think this is easy. Instead, she gives steps and guidelines to get through the tough parts.

The book continues by providing guides for pricing art, growing your business and how/when to market your creative business.

I have read and marked up both books. Highlights, stars, underlines are all over both books.  I highly recommend both. 

If you purchase them through my link, I will receive a small commission for your purchase.  I would be grateful if you did, but I honestly just want you to use them as resources to make your business and life better. 

If you can borrow them from the library, do so.  I am a big proponent of learning, but I am also frugal.  Do what is best for you and your business.

If you are looking for other resources here is another article I wrote on free and inexpensive training.





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