Learn Something Fun Today

Sometimes we need to learn something new and fun. Today’s recommendations are all about learning something new, which could also be different and fun from what you are currently doing. Creativity is always sparked by new and different ways of seeing.

This week’s opportunities to learn something fun include; a few video series on CreativeLive, a short blog post, and just taking yourself outside with your camera or phone!

Here are this week’s learn something fun today opportunities:

Capturing Food in Motion  

This is a CreativeLive class. In this video series, you will learn all about the set up for you shoot and the post-production process, and everything in between to capture food in motion. This class costs $13 this week, but you can always come back and find it when CreativeLive is streaming it for free. But for $13, about the cost of heading to the movies, you can learn something new and fun.

Introduction to Calligraphy

This class is streaming free on Sunday, November 1, and then costs $14 to purchase. If you have ever wanted to learn this beautiful art form, this is a class to start your journey. The video course will take you approximately an hour to watch—a short amount of time to learn something fun. 

Fun and Festive Surprise Balls

This is another short video series by CreativeLive. This class is streaming free on November 1 and then costs $14 to buy and watch when you have time. I never knew this was a thing! What a fun new way to create party favors or wrap up your holiday gifts. 

20 Useful Things to Learn Now That Will Change Your Life 

This blog post, written by Anna Chui on Life Hack, will give you 20 quick things to think about, which can change how you see everyday life. This is a quick read, and I know I learned something new, which I will be using today when I leave the house.

Photo Walk

Take a walk through your neighborhood, local park, grocery store (they may not want photos taken), or any other everyday spot with your camera. Not with the expectation of taking amazing images, but just to see life through the lens. Squat down low to take pictures from the viewpoint of your pet. Stand on your play-set to see life from up high. Take photos just for fun, from different angles, different places. Learn to see life through a different lens.

Then when you have time, look through your pictures and see what is there. What do you notice now that you didn’t before?  

A word of warning, if you do this in your own home, you may notice projects to do, which weren’t on your to-do list. There was nothing wrong with finding new projects, like cobweb removal, painting, and carpet cleaning (just me??), but these weren’t the fun things we were aiming for today! 

Do something active today

This could be kayaking, biking, taking a walk (see above), swinging on a swing, yoga.  It doesn’t matter what it is, but give your brain and spirit some time to reset and let your body move.  It doesn’t matter for how long, even 10 minutes will give you a reset and bring your playful, fun side back to the surface!


What do you do when you need to do something fun and new? Share your ideas in the comments. I think we all need a little more fun in our lives. Or maybe, I am just projecting myself again! ?

Last week was all about product photography. If this is something, you are interested in learning more about, here is the link to the post

Have a great week, and we’ll see you back here next week with a few new resources and things to learn!


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