The Review after the Fair

Event - Art Fair

Do you do a review after your fair? Look at what went well, what didn’t go well. It may make a difference for your next event or the next time you come to this fair.

I worked for a Chamber of Commerce for years, and they put on world-class events. They had been doing this for years and had it down to a science. They had people in charge of each area of the event. They had volunteers under these people. Everyone had a job to do, and they all had someone to report to if things didn’t go well. Continue reading “The Review after the Fair”

Applying to Art Fairs During Covid-19

Time to Apply to Art Fairs

Applying to art fairs was always a bit of art and science. Choosing the best one for you and what you sell. Finding one which fits into your desire to travel, life, art, and type of event has always been fun. You don’t want to sell at an event which doesn’t have the right customers for you either!

Now, there is an additional layer of shows canceling because of safety concerns. What happens if you apply to a fair, and it has to cancel due to state regulations? What happens to your entry fee, your both fee? Continue reading “Applying to Art Fairs During Covid-19”

Apply to the Best Art Fairs For Your Unique Art Style

Applying Art Fairs

You did your search and found a few art or craft shows where you would like to sell. Now, to apply to the best art fairs based on your unique style and needs.

Do a little work and think about what you sell. Who do you think buys what you sell? Do you sell soap, photographs, hand-knit baby blankets, paintings? What is your price point?  Where would your potential customers be shopping?

Now go back to your list of potential shows you found from your previous search.  

Click into the event or go into the application and look at the information the event organizer is telling you. Is this a small-town show with a few vendors? Is the small town wealthy? Quirky? Full of tourists? Continue reading “Apply to the Best Art Fairs For Your Unique Art Style”

How to Find Art & Craft Fairs to Sell at

Art Fair Booth

Find an Art Fair to Sell at right now. 

You’ve decided to start selling the amazing work you have been creating. Congratulations! Now, the decision you need to make is where will you sell it.

On any given weekend across the country, there could be hundreds of art and craft fairs. How do you know which one will work best for you? And when do you need to apply? Continue reading “How to Find Art & Craft Fairs to Sell at”

Free Art Fair Submission


Add your own art or craft fair to our list

Are you an event coordinator for an art fair or festival? If so, you can now submit your own event through our link.  This will enable others to find you.

Include an imagine from your marketing, fill in the event details, tag it with the type of event, your website and hit submit. We will review them for each submission to make sure it is appropriate for our site and then it will go live. There is no cost for you to submit an event! 

 You can even submit your application deadlines as a separate event, tag it with application, and the artists will know when they need to apply.

Again, there is no cost to do this.  We simply want to make community connections and to support artists.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  

As a warning, we are a small team building this platform while working full-time jobs.  Please have some patience, we will reply to each request.