Free Art Festival Submission

Add your own art or craft fair to our list

Are you an event coordinator for an art fair or festival? If so, you can now submit your own event through our link.

Include an imagine from your marketing, fill in the event details, tag it with the type of event, your website and hit submit. We will then review your submission to make sure it is appropriate for our site and then it will go live. There is no cost for you to submit an event!

 You can even submit your application deadlines as a separate event, tag it with application, and the artists will know when they need to apply.

Again, there is no cost to do this.  We simply want to make community connections and to support artists.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

As a warning, we are a small team building this platform while working full-time jobs.  Please have some patience, we will reply to each request.

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