Jewelry Designing Classes – How To’s

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If you are interested in jewelry making or designing but are not sure where to start, CreativeLive has a series of classes this week you can watch for free! The classes take you through a couple of the art forms to create handmade jewelry.  

One is more fundamental, and the other assumes you have had experience in the art form. 

You can choose to watch just the one which interests you the most or binge-watch all of them. This week the courses are free! After this week in November, you will need to purchase them. 

The dates we have listed here are based on US time frames, you can go into CreativeLive to set up your own time zone, so you don’t miss them.

A suggestion – bookmark this page as a resource to the classes if you don’t have time this week to watch. 

Here is the listing of classes for jewelry making –

beginning wirework for jewelry making  

This course is By Raissa Bump. It is an hour-long series of videos to get you started in the art of metal jewelry making. The course description is: “Raïssa will take you through the ring, bangle, and earring making process, from start to finish, and teach techniques you can use for your future jewelry work.” There is also a guide for the tools you will need. The list is inclusive of everything required to complete the projects she shows. This class is free on November 9, and then you can purchase it for a fee.  

wireworking with beads for jewelry 

This is the second video in the series with Raissa Bump. She continues on from the first video, Beginner Wireworking for Jewelry, and shows how to add beads to your jewelry. This series takes approximately 45 minutes; she will walk you through creating chain links, adding beads, shaping and joining links, and finally adding clasps. Again, she gives a complete guide to everything you will need to complete the project she is showing. 

This class is streaming for free on November 10 and available for purchase at any time.

beginning stamping for jewelry –

In this short video series, Raissa Bump will walk you through the techniques to complete a stamped ring. Raissa will walk you through the stamping process from start to finish. You will also receive templates to create your own rings. 

This class is streaming for free on November 11, 2020, and available for purchase at any time.

foundations in metalsmithing bracelets

Megan Auman is a jewelry designer and has created this series of videos to introduce you to metalsmithing. This 5-hour series will walk you through the process of creating bracelets. This class comes with the assumption you have done metalsmithing before and know the basics of it. It also assumes you have the necessary tools needed to do it.

The class streams for free on November 12, 2020, and is available for a fee at other times. 

If you are brand new to this form of jewelry making, you may want to find someone in your area who does this kind of work and take a class from them. In the Detroit area, the Smith Shop runs workshops.

Explorations in metalsmithing – hollow fabrication – 

Megan Auman continues teaching metalsmithing in this almost six-hour video series. Again, this class assumes you have the correct tools and have some experience in this art form. But even if you don’t, it is a fascinating class to watch. The course will provide you with a list of tools and supplies you need.

The class streams for free on November 13, 2020, and is available for a fee at other times. 


Megan Auman continues teaching metalsmithing in this five and a half-hour video series. This class builds your metalsmithing skills and, again, assumes you have the tools and some experience in this art form.

The class streams for free on November 14, 2020, and is available for a fee at other times. 

To review our list of jewelry making videos –

We have listed six different video series to watch and build your jewelry making skills. The first series is geared for the beginner looking to create jewelry for the first time. The metalsmithing series assumes knowledge of this media. Both types require an investment of tools and supplies to get into the art of jewelry making.

To avoid the initial fees, we would suggest finding a local art center or organization that runs these classes. This way, you can learn and discover if this is something you would like to pursue before spending your money on the tools. 

If you know of organizations that run classes, please feel free to leave their information in the comments. We would love to continue building resources for our community.

If you are interested in other types of resources, we have started a weekly series to give you creative resources for your business. You can check out last week’s resources here or scroll through other posts to see what else we have covered.



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