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Joined May 29, 2021
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Fort Lauderdale
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Painting, Mixed Media
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Abstract, Modern, Oil
Artist Bio
I am Khai Phan; born in Danang Vietnam and immigrated to the United States in 1979. I grew up in Silver Spring Maryland. I graduated from University of Maryland College Park with a degree in Neurobiology and later graduated from Nova Southeastern with a doctoral degree in Optometry. For me painting was always my passion. High school was when I was introduced to painting and photography. In medical school I used art as an escape from all the stress related to my studies. After 2000 was when the true artist started to develop. The science world is very technical and detailed which is why my mind seems to delve into the abstract world whenever I work on my art.
Artist Statement
Abstract expressionism, as a genre, is particularly attractive to me. As an eye doctor, the objective science of the eye coupled with the fluidity of the minds interpretation of what it perceives is what moves me to create these works. It is this dynamic, and often times contrary, balance where I find the most depth and intrigue in a piece. Inspired by Kandinsky and de Kooning, I create works that contain opposing facets. There is movement in a static image. There is texture from what should be a flat plane. There is a window into the dream like world which can only be attained through the mundane firing of synapses. Through this conflict, as in the universe as a whole, a balance is found. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I did creating it for you.