Artisan – 2020 Sakura Matsuri Registration

The Artisan category is for artists and craft workers whose purpose is to discuss, educate and demonstrate your crafts and skills. You must showcase aspects of Japanese culture and/or Japanese arts. You are allowed to sell only your own arts and accessaries for your arts (ex. a doll case for a hand-made doll, or a frame for a picture you have painted). If it appears that you are engaged only in selling, or in selling goods which are not hand-made, there will be an additional fee.

The deadline for the registration is January 24, 2020.

Artisan Booth 10×10 
               Early Bird                                  $800 *
               After Jan. 1, 2020                     $900 *
               Additional 10×10 booth/space  $600

*Tent fee includes $200 deposit. This will be refunded after the festival if there is no issue.

20 amp electricity                                      $300 (Not refundable after March 13, 2020)

JASDWC liability insurance                       $75